Starving artist vs. robot

June 29, 2018

This is a followup to my post yesterday, "Think of the Audience".

You vs. world Venn

This is how I think about work. What I want to do, vs. what the world wants me to do.

Doing what you want to do brings fulfillment, especially in matters of principle; it gives your life meaning and purpose. But it doesn't always pay the bills.

Doing what the world wants you to do makes your life easier, but not necessarily fulfilling. There's more to life than money, promotions, and "getting ahead".

The best lives seem to have both: ease (from doing what others want), and fulfillment (from doing what you want). Go ahead and make your art, but as a smarter man than me said, "If you believe the world needs iambic pentameter poetry, sell hip hop, not sonnets."