September 04, 2018

I have never driven to work.

I've taken buses, bike rides, trains, and walked. And I've certainly made the occasional one-off trip if transit stopped working, I was leaving for vacation, or I needed to fix the car. But I've never worked a job 30-40 miles from home where I got in the car first thing in the morning and fought traffic, five days/week, day in and day out.

Driving is inconvenient, stressful, expensive, and bad for the environment. We have a smaller place, but it has a great view and it's closer to transit. I'd make that trade again in a heartbeat.

Maybe you have something like this: something a bit strange that you did/didn't do, mostly by accident, but you realized it made your life a lot better, and now you don't want to give it up. For me, the time I save driving goes straight to exercise, or spending time with Caroline. I'm not sure whether I could put a dollar value on what that's worth, but if I tried, it would be a lot; it's a lot to give up.

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