Going to the office

September 17, 2018

I've worked offsite for a variety of clients for the past few years. I tell people about this and they tend to find two aspects of it surprising.

One: I don't travel much. The mythos of the beach-dwelling remote worker is strong. I can certainly see benefits of working in a lower-cost area, but on balance, I like where I live. My neighborhood is an exciting place that's getting better every day, and I like being part of that. Plus my family and friends are here; what good is travel if they don't come with?

Second: I lease an office, preferring to work there over a spot at home. Patrick (my brother-in-law and former coworker) calls it my "traditional east coast going-to-work routine" (guilty as charged). I'm a big believer in habits over goals; the habit of getting up and going to the office—the workplace—keeps me motivated, and helps me put it down when I leave for the day.

It's surprising how effective having a separate office can be. It doesn't even have to be far from home; a block or two is fine. The point is that it's a different place, away from home, with a special, designated purpose.