Write it down

September 19, 2018

I really enjoy writing this blog; I wouldn't do it every day if it I didn't. But there are two other benefits I wouldn't have guessed.

One: writing things down forces you to evaluate the quality of your thinking and decision-making. Before this blog, I'd already started writing private "decision memos" when faced with a big choice (buying the condo, changing jobs); they're useful both as history, and for evaluating the quality of the decision process itself (Confirmation bias? Did I consider all the options?) Same for this blog: what was I thinking about, day-to-day? Did I overlook something? Writing is the only way to separate genuine insight from hindsight bias.

Second: I'm writing the first draft of my biography. What should it say? Do I want to be small-minded and waste time, or do meaningful work with generosity and heart? I can already see myself making better choices, that I wouldn't have made without taking time to write each day.

Better living through blogging.

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