How I'm voting, Part 4: Oakland Candidates and Everything Else (2018)

October 24, 2018

Part 4 of a series on 2018 elections (CA initiatives (pt1), CA candidates (pt2), Oakland initiatives (pt3)). As a citizen of Oakland, Alameda County, and California, I have a privilege of casting up to 57 votes in 48 separate contests (some ranked-choice).

US House of Representative (CA-13): Lee

Barbara Lee's got this in the bag. Both are so far left they'll never get much through Congress; Wells wants "Medicare for All", the "abolition of student debt", and "public banks", Lee is slightly more centrist but voted against the Patriot Act, among other things.

CA Assembly (18th District): Rob Bonta

Slauson has some good ideas but is inciting a "birther controversy" against Bonta. Bonta seems reasonable so he gets my vote.

Judicial Nominees

Unless they do something really egregious, I vote to confirm.

I spent a few minutes reading about each judge on Google (all 10 of them, it took about half an hour) and didn't find anything awful, so I voted "yes" to confirm everyone.

County Assessor (Alameda County): Johnson

The guy just wants to do the work, which I repsect.

Also, I like that he's run a grassroots campaign with signs out everywhere. He seems to really want the job.

AC Transit At-Large Director: No recommendation

Take your pick: a guy who was censured for his past behavior (Young), or a driver with no understanding of finances (Jones). Both are pretty bad.

AC Transit District voters deserve better candidates (San Jose Mercury-News)

BART Director (District 4): Cummings

I think this piece from the Mercury-News says it well:

Cummings, a retired Navy officer with an MBA, is trying to unseat incumbent Robert Raburn. Cummings supports fiscal discipline, wants to lock in guarantees that BART fulfill its spending commitments for its $3.5 billion bond measure, and is clear that BART shouldn’t be a “regional planning czar.”

In sharp contrast, Raburn represents what’s wrong with the BART board majority today. He has been unwilling to challenge the lucrative union contracts, opposes binding restrictions on money BART promised for capital expenditures and believes the transit agency should be able to override cities on development around train stations.

Oakland Mayor: Libby Schaaf

Doing a great job walking a tightrope between the new and the old Oakland.

I particularly like how she treats the tech industry as an ally:

We’ve also been practicing Techquity, the idea that new tech companies in Oakland should make commitments to ensure a positive impact on Oakland through such measures as contracting with socially-responsible locally owned small businesses and investments in training Oakland youth to be part of the diverse next generation of tech workers.

As well as her track record on housing:

As your Mayor, I have fought tirelessly to both increase the supply of new and affordable housing and protect Oaklanders from getting evicted or displaced from their homes. That’s why I launched the 17K/17K plan, which is on track to provide 17,000 new units of housing and protect 17,000 residents from displacement by 2024.

She has quite the competition:

I am a chubby father with a chubby wife, a normal weight son and a chubby daughter.

Education: B.A. History from UCSC, 2002, GOD anointed I as the World's Smartest Leader at the birthplace of biblical Abraham at the Ziggarat of Ur in 2003.

Occupation: None - I am too rich to be working.

Employer: No employer cuz I am too rich and uncontrollable by other humans. Except God who commanded me to bring peace to planet Earth.

If I am da mayor, I'll make Oakland the #1 city for Sex and Romance unrivalled in the Western Hemisphere. I'll create 100,000 jobs by turning all sizable parks into paid unique theme park attractions. Imagine giant waterslides at Lake Merritt, drawing horny men worldwide to look at babes with big titties all four seasons. If a boring ass Louvre museum in Paris can draw 7.5 million visitors, I can do 50 million with Oakland Parks & Recreation. BART will have ridership jumping up the yin yang. New capsule hotels looking like a skyscarper laundrymat will fill huge numbers of singles visiting this city. Theme park discounts be given to couples. Local theme parks be hiring huge numbers of Oaklanders for fun high paying jobs. Even the local transcients be able to make money by picking up trash. Every person who participate in my grand plan will have the opportunity to be rich rich rich as I attract huge tourism numbers. All local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, florists, nail sailons, massage therapists, sex workers, marriage certifcate clerk, divorce lawyers, etc., can expect 20X increase in business traffic.

Oakland District 2 Supervisor: Guillen

Seems serious about getting the budget under control with a minimum of grandstanding. It's the boring, bread-and-butter stuff that counts the most.

Oakland City Auditor: Courtney Ruby

The choice is pretty obvious.

Oakland District 2 School Director: Aimee Eng

Running unopposed.


Now that I have voted in 54 contests, do I get a prize?

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