Personal chemistry

November 29, 2018

A bunch of people asked how Caroline and I met this past weekend. Usually, I tell it as, I was visiting my parents in Chicago for the 4th of July and we met (not) playing beach volleyball.

What didn't happen is clicking on a profile. And I don't think it would've, for us; the things we love most about each other aren't answers to profile questions.

I'm not ruling out the idea that a well-trained prediction engine could predict that we'd be happy together. Someone will probably build that, sacrificing another ounce of serendipity on the altar of "the best".

I just don't think we would've found the or okcupid versions of each other very interesting. Whereas when we met in real life, I thought, wow, she's amazing, she can draw, she has a great smile, and is sexy; I need this, sign me up right now. 😃

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