Thanks, Boomers

November 23, 2018

For a broken national entitlements that ensure my generation won't see full benefits after a lifetime of contribution? Thanks, Baby Boomers.

For public policy like Prop 13, the cornerstone of your barely-taxed real estate wealth, even as my generation can't afford to rent closet-sized apartments. Thanks for that, Boomers.

The subprime crisis of your making, which lined the pockets of your generation's mortgage brokers, real estate agents, investment bankers, homebuilders, and flippers, even while my generation was scarred for life with lower earnings? Thanks, Boomers.

For tax cuts that push our deficit to record levels, ensuring we have the highest debt load the US has ever seen in peacetime? Thanks, Boomers. We'll pick up the check.

For generous pensions that let you retire at 55— letting you "make it" without paying for it—leaving my generation with the bill? Thanks, Boomers. We have a lot of practice with this.

For mortgage-sized student debts, which my generation is still paying well into its 30s, because we decided higher education should cost $50K/year? Thanks, Boomers.

For skating by for decades without maintenance—giving us potholed roads, broken dams, and HOAs with millions in deferred maintenance? Thanks for that, Boomers.

My parents used to tell me I worried too much about the future and finding a job. Maybe they didn't worry enough?