Old San Francisco

December 29, 2018

I go to Ted's at least once/week for lunch.

My favorite lunch place

Cops, construction workers, programmers, guys working at the auto dealerships across the street—everyone goes to Ted's. An old-school sandwich counter with made-to-order sandwiches, great prices, and staff who know your name.

They even have a top-level .com website. Not some abominable facebook IFRAME monstrosity with broken redirects.

I love this place.

I've been watching Seinfeld recently; the show takes place at places like Ted's. Mid-90s zeitgeist. People weren't so stressed out, angry, or mad at Trump. You could work at Ted's and live in an apartment in SoMA. You could be Kosmo Kramer, marginally employed, living in an apartment down the street without six roommates.

Usually, when people complain about "gentrification", I think what they're really complaining about is change. Mostly I think complaining about change is silly. You can't stop it in the long run; life's too short.

But I do think we've lost something in the last 25 years. I wrote before how cheap=diverse—I'm just glad to see little pieces of that alive and well, even as the surrounding city undergoes such drastic change.

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