December 04, 2018

I started watching one of the Kingsman movies yesterday. Caroline came home about 40 minutes into it and I stopped watching it; I'm not sure whether I'll finish.

What I did get through yesterday was All the President's Men—the story of Woodward and Bernstein's investigation of the Watergate scandal, which played a big part in Nixon's resignation, in 1974.

I also watched Trading Places a few weeks ago for the first time, the Eddie Murphy classic where a homeless guy trades places with a rich securities broker, part of a bet to see what effect environment has on peoples' behavior.

Sometimes I just want a cheap action movie, and that's OK. And some action movies are truly great—the Die Hards and The Matrixes.

But increasingly, my personal favorites from the past few years—The Incredibles, Green Book, Coco, Inside Out, Detroit, Driver, First Man—are the ones with the best storytelling. They hold my interest and stay with me years after watching them.