Hot takes

March 26, 2020

From Hacker News:

I love these hottakes. Like there are thousands of researchers working tirelessly to resolve the issue in the affirmative or negative, writing papers, giving talks, publishing code, but we should take your word on it harry8 that the emperor has no clothes. How about anything in the way of evidence that what you're saying is insightful? Do you have literally any data to corroborate what you're saying? Because I can go to arxiv and find plenty of papers with validated metrics that contradict diametrically what you're saying.

Plenty of writers (David Goodhart and David Brooks come to mind) have pointed out how anti-authority our culture has become. I've started to see just how corrosive that trend has been in my own life.

Go ahead and criticize Trump and "Fake News", but if you're mostly reading low-quality Internet media, you're part of the problem, too.

There've been some big moves in the financial markets lately, which means every every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the Internet personal finance cesspool—Ramit Sethi, Mr. Money Mustache, Financial Samurai—has some big, sweeping opinion of what's going on, and where we're headed. But the truth is, these guys' #1 skill is media, not finance and economics—an army of Salieris.

Want to really know what's going on? Pour out a cold one and crack open Dalio's Big Debt Crises, written by a guy with 45 years in the markets. Understanding this stuff has been his life's work, and it shows—a Mozart for our time.

I used to be skeptical of people who trusted books over blogs, but maybe there's something to it.

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